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peter wolf

Peter Wolf fans are getting a treat this month, with Peter on the road for eight shows in 12 days. Dennis and I caught him at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury on Sunday night. Last time we saw him was in May last year up in Portland, Maine, and I suppose that was the last time I gave him a listen. So it was good to dust off Midnight Souvenirs and Sleepless last week and squeeze them into the Van rotation, getting prepped for the show. Continue reading

finally, Peter Wolf in concert

After a short caledonia stroll around the block, we arrive at the front door of the Port City Music Hall just after 7. It’s a cozy little spot, which we’re told holds 550; even at that I don’t think it was a full house. It certainly wasn’t when we got there, still open spaces up at the very front, so I scooted up there to hold some spots while Dennis and Dan got us drinks. Good song selection coming over the speakers – a bit of Mink de Ville and Johnny Cash, Howlin’ Wolf’s All Night Long, another Mink de Ville. Continue reading

breaking news: found needle in haystack

It all started in 1992, when Sleepless came out. That’s when my quest to see Peter Wolf started. I hadn’t been much of a J. Geils Band fan. Maybe I didn’t give them enough credit, but to my “walking through meadows with Van” sensibilities, J. Geils was too short on lyrics and too long on frantic. Sleepless was a whole ‘nuther thing. I liked what he was doing and wanted to see him do it live. Continue reading

a confluence of events

The record’s stuck. The record’s stuck.
On Peter Wolf’s Midnight Souvenirs. It’s been in constant rotation in the car since I got it a month ago, and when I’m not listening to it, I’ve got “Tragedy” playing ear candy. It hardly seems like eight years ago that Sleepless came out, and I used to take that one driving too. Definitely, Wolf is road music. Continue reading