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Photography – one of the great joys in my life. Put the camera up to my eye, size up the picture, focus, click. It’s that easy. One day I hope to have time to actually learn how to take pictures – get a real camera, learn about f stops, the whole deal – but in the meantime, I dabble.  Irregularly.

I am fascinated with light and how it plays. I’m also fond of the Impressionists – how they let the colors play in the light. So I like sunsets a lot, and I’m a big fan of colorful flowers dancing away in my gardens. Then there are the patterns, which appeal to my ordered side. Especially patterns in the sand after a strong wind has left its mark in a storm. And architecture.  There’s something about a distinct building that gives my senses a rush – from a log cabin in the woods to a skyscraper in downtown Chicago, I am deeply indebted to architects for having the design and beauty in them. I just take the pictures.

I’m also going to dig into my photography archives – all those files on my hard drive – who knows what gems I might find. I’m excited to get going on that project – sorting through years and years of photos, piecing together a visual history since I purchased my first digital camera. I don’t even know when that was. We’ll have to wait and see when I start digging into my past.


For some travel photography, check out Bridget’s and my road trip in 2012, through Ireland, Canada and the United States – our story in pictures and prose at On The Road.

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