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Van on the Eastern Seabord (Northern Part) — Part 3

On the way to New York

So there were Sean, Donna and me Saturday night, sitting in the City Hall Cafe, downtown Waterbury. Dan and his crew had left for New York pretty much right after the show was over so that just left us and we had some deciding to do. Among the three of us, all we had was one ticket for WaMu — Randy’s, who couldn’t make it at the last minute; Continue reading

Van in Waterbury and MGM Grand/Foxwoods

Say Goodbye to Madame Joy

I’d been looking forward to these two Connecticut shows since I walked out of the theater in Montreal a few weeks ago…two more chances to see Astral Weeks before it’s gone for good and, in some ways, lets me get on with my life. It’s been a great ride this past year, pure magic, this is where I always wanted to be since I was 14 — listening to Astral Weeks live. After a year of it, I am officially AW supersaturated. Two more coming up is simply the glutton going for the supersize. Continue reading

Four Nights on the Eastern Seaboard (Northern Part)- Part 1

Sean’s off in the other room, sorting through my stack of VHS Van and I’ve got some Van in the trusty aiwa and a few hours to put to constructive use, i.e., put myself back in my seat at the Palace Theater in Waterbury. Today’s been a perfect autumn day in New Hampshire — the rest day in the middle of our truncated version of Van’s current four-night stand along the Eastern Seaboard Continue reading

Van in Montreal October 1, 2009

The lady’s choice

When the light shines on Van at his now customary seat at the piano, the round of applause is thunderous, and I think, if I can feel it, then so can he. It felt so good to be in a room of people who genuinely seemed overjoyed to be there. So maybe Van was just catering to his audience this night. Whatever it was, it sure seemed that he catered to me. Continue reading

Boston to DC and back August 2009

The trek home from DC got me home around 10 p.m. Saturday night. Put the kettle on for tea, unloaded the car, read my emails and it was midnight before I knew it – time to call the working day over and put some caledonia music on, with me in a reclining position. It was an easy choice what music I wanted – Veedon Fleece, the remastered version – and with the opening notes of Fair Play, was immediately back into the feeling created by the music I’ve been living in this past week. Which is exactly the tonic I needed, and still need these few days later, to keep the music in my head. Continue reading

First night in DC

I’ll pick up where I left off … going to bed Wednesday morning just in advance of the birds’ wake-up call. I never would have heard them, though, what with the music from Tuesday night’s show filling up that space inside my head. Morning, as it often does, came too soon, but not without its rewards…lying there in bed, and with the birds long gone about their day, there was nothing but the music of Tuesday night running through my head to luxuriate in. Continue reading