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movie night – Becoming Jane

Talk about a great movie weekend — a three-fer. I’ve fallen into a British theme of late – that’s what comes from getting most of my movie viewing done courtesy of Netflix, where, when you click on a movie to add it to your list, immediately a new screen wafts into view, one of those “If you liked that movie, you might like some of these…and if you click one one of those because you think you need to see that one too, then another screen wafts into view, and me, I can spend an afternoon wasted in Netflix land. So many movies, so little time. Continue reading

movie night – Goodnight, Mister Tom

I’ve seen some good movies lately, and I’ve run into a problem. I simply can’t remember them. I think it’s my brain getting smaller. Although I have another theory: My head is so full of English grammar that there’s no room for anything else – all that grammar is taking up most of my hard drive; I have no space for movies and books – they just take up too much space. So I compensate by taking notes, on the theory that if I write it down, I don’t have to remember it, freeing up space for more grammar. Continue reading