que ha estado pasando, or how I spent the Donald Trump years

You know, I am generally pretty good about keeping my promises. But apparently not perfect. Just moments ago I read my previous blog post, which dates all the way back to the end of 2016. I made a few promises in there about all these blog posts I’d be writing momentarily, and wouldn’t that be fun!

As we can see, that never happened. What happened instead is I began writing my book. In Earnest. Actually, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Making this story short, on your behalf, at some point very early on, I realized how much work it is to write a book, in this case, a historical novel of saga proportions. I knew that was going to be true going in — I’d learned that lesson when I wrote the Astral Weeks book. But just let’s say I was reminded of that lesson. Only this time, 10 times worse, because this book is big, at least in terms of words. And the very short of it is I adopted my favorite Edna Ferber anecdote, which was, and I paraphrase, she is sitting at her upstairs window, type type typing away at her current script and looks out the window to see these lovely brawny young men working on her landscaping. She thinks she maybe should go down and help them out, being cordial and all. Then Edna, the wise one, says to herself, “If you’re going to be a writer, write. If you want to be a gardener, garden. You can’t do both.” So for every time I came up with a splendid idea to blog about, I’d chastise myself with a “No dilly dallying, sistah, you’ve got a book to write, and no one else is going to do it for you.” At this point, I figure the book is going to take me 10 years to write. I hope it’s less, but I’m inclined to think I might be underestimating. So that’s my excuse for not blogging this time. I’ve had years of experience making excuses, but this one, I gotta say, is my best excuse yet.

Que pasa? Escribiemo un libro. And that’s how I’ve spent the Trump years. I tuned him out the minute he showed up. I had already done the same for Hillary long before, so whoever won was going to go ahead and do whatever big government thing they wanted to do, and they weren’t asking me for my input. So politics doesn’t really interest me anymore. I’ve kind of opted out of all that. Perfect time to write a book!

Based on what I said earlier — the no blogging while writing the book – you’d easily come to the conclusion that if I am blogging now, I must have finished the book, right? You’d be wrong on that.

My book is intended to be in four parts. Last week, I finished writing Part 1. That’s meant a shift in gears … Part 1 is now out with my three readers, who have a gargantuan task ahead of them (but I’ll save that for another day – but remind me, OK, in case I forget?). The main thing for blogging purposes is that I am not writing the book this week, maybe I’ll take a couple of weeks off. So I can blog to my heart’s content. Ensconced in New Orleans during the Trump years – there was nowhere else I’d rather have been, and I’ve got lots to tell you about it. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “que ha estado pasando, or how I spent the Donald Trump years

  1. Ben van Dijk

    Hi Shann,
    Congrats on finishing the first book.
    I hope you are fine.
    All I am doing at the moment is staying safe and getting older.
    But that is fine and the only way forward.

  2. betty Wright

    Hi Shannaon
    Been almost four or five ? years since we met down in Ecuador. Just caught this blog quite by accident as I was skimming through all the latest blogs which I don’t often do. Meant to be, I guess. The book you are working on, is it the same one you were doing then with the Irish setting? If it is, then I have to say I admire your tenacity. Hang in there and keep your eye on the ball so we can look forward to reading it one day.
    Betty Wright

    1. shannon Post author

      Hi Betty – That’s great to hear from you. I’ve been reading your blog faithfully over the years and often smile at the similar paths you and I have been on. Although late to the discussion, let me offer my heartfelt congratulations on your strength to go it alone. Well done. It takes courage, and you are a woman of courage. And yes, this is the Irish book I had swirling around in my head down in Ecuador (which I very much miss). I had about a year of research to do after Ecuador and then finally got down to writing. Ever onward!


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