largo, florida

Forecast: shorts weather up and down the coast.

There was just enough time in my travels to stop in for a three-day visit with my favorite aunt and uncle, Dolly and Ernie, at their home in Largo, Florida. Among other things, Uncle Ernie makes the meanest pina coladas going. I should know.

I didn’t get to the beach while I was here – Uncle Ernie tells me when a storm picks up in these parts, oil balls the size of beach balls wash up out of the gulf and sit on the beach. I don’t need to swim through any of those, so I’ve chosen the course of least resistance and am hanging out at the pool in their complex. That will hold me until I get to Key West, where I’m heading tomorrow. It’s a fair hike to the southern tip of the state, so I’ll have to be on the road early to get there before nightfall.

I wish I was up with my buddies in New Hampshire this week, stumping for Ron Paul, but I was delighted to see he made it to the front page of the Tampa paper this morning. Go, Ron Paul! Good luck to him in New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday.

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