magic in the air

Two nights to go till Van’s show in Boston, and I’m getting just the teensiest bit excited about it. Astral Weeks in Boston. Where it perhaps really does have a home.

For awhile there, I thought I’d seen my last Astral Weeks live.

Back at the Beacon Theatre in March, sitting there the second night, with the beauty of Astral Weeks around me, I remember thinking that six of these was enough, that I’d like to see them all, but six is enough. With the caveat that if he brought it to Boston, I’d be up for going one more time.

So it is then. One more time again.

When I said that bit about only going if it came to Boston, it’s not like I ever thought it would happen; at the time, it seemed more like an empty threat than anything else, so to be getting another opportunity definitely goes on the plus side of the ledger. I want to hear for myself how the music has evolved since that first night at the Hollywood Bowl back in November. It has come so alive over the months. I think the band has that thing Van is looking for in musicians – people who can get the music down so they can take it to the next level, following Van around wherever he goes. The perfect vehicle for a superb night of music.

The show’s at the Wang. The same venue he played March of last year, the last time Van played Boston. Donna and I have seats together; we wanted to avoid the balcony, so got some on the floor, near the front of the second orchestra section, center. I’ll have to let you know later, but they look like good seats so far.

The forecast for Tuesday is magic in the air.

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