manzarek rogers band – 5/6/11

Kudos once again to the folks at Tupelo Music Hall for continually booking the place with great acts, like Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers. It was a four piece band, with Kevin Hayes on drums and Steve Evans on bass (the latter two having one song where only they played an instrumental – tremendous musicianship, and you can see why they’re in the band). Manzarek Rogers pretty much rocked the place, playing a lot from their most recent album, Translucent Blues – it was the blues all night long, swamp blues, 12-bar blues, even “Greenhouse Blues.” Glad I got to see them, especially Roy Rogers, who first came to my attention with the album he did with Shana Morrison – Everybody’s Angel. He plays a mean guitar. It was thoroughly enjoyable to get the chance to see him play this night. I see they’ve got a couple of dates at the end of October – worthwhile checking them out. You can check out their website, and listen to a few clips from the new album here:

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