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james hunter

Kudos to the folks at Tupelo Music Hall for booking James Hunter on Saturday night. There was a time back in 2006 when I saw a lot of him – when he was touring People Gonna Talk. That summer I was going to more James Hunter shows than Van Morrison shows. The energy coming from the stage was simply immense. And unless absolutely forbidden by law, I was up there dancing from the first note every night. I like my R’n’B Sam Cooke style. Continue reading

john sebastian

All week long it’s been the same thing – in random acts of kindness, little bits like oh darling be home soon or did you ever have to make up your mind or it’s like trying to tell a stranger about rock ‘n’ roll or some other Lovin’ Spoonful song. I’ve been in my little John Sebastian love-fest – ever since Saturday night, when I saw him up at the Tupelo Music Hall. Continue reading

jesse colin young

It must be synchronicity.

I’ve recently discovered a little radio station on the Web – the site is boomerradio.com (can you believe it??) and one of the streams they run is called Acoustic Cafe. It’s not exactly a great station, but it is pretty mellow, and good for them, there’s always some obscurish Van that gets played. Tonight it was End of the Land. Anyways, I was getting tired of all that mellowness (one too many James Taylor, I think) and was going to switch to some live Van. As I was standing up to turn off the speakers, out of who knows where, Darkness, Darkness starts to play. Continue reading