new year’s eve

On Thursday we had one of those gems of a lunch. While we were out and about, we stopped in at Two Fat Ladies for lunch. They’re located at 1601 Dawson, a bit east of downtown Wilmington. Welcome to the South! Reminiscent of the fish shacks cum restaurants that line the Northeast – but instead of fast fish, here you also get fast chicken or fast pork and a side. We placed our orders at the counter and took a seat. Wendy’s dad settled on the mac and cheese (fabulous), Wendy got the fish – whiting and haddock – and I got the chicken and a side of beans, plus a sweet tea. Collards was an option, but I know enough to stay away. Collards are going to be a slowly acquired taste. When Fat Lady #1 Gayleane, came out with our food, piled high, she apologized and said what we’d ordered was too puny by far, she just had to put more on the plate. I love southern hospitality. It’s the real deal. And I’m not just saying that because I got an extra piece of chicken.

The Two Fat Ladies, Nicole and Gayleane, have been friends for years, and about five years ago, they started up their cooking business, catering to their friends and then some, and that led to opening a restaurant. They’re open only three days a week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You just have to do without the rest of the week. They’re a hit with the camera crews in town. North Carolina offers movie makers a 25% tax credit for making their movies here. So there are a lot of crews in town. I haven’t seen any, but I’ve seen lots of yellow CREW signs. Gayleane’s favorite was when “The Secret Life of Bees” (good book, good movie) was filming in Wilmington. Not only did the crew come by for food, all the food in the movie came from Two Fat Ladies. The two ladies also got to be in the movie.

I gotta dash. The festivities are starting up, and I gotta go put some lipstick on.

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