saying goodbye to key west

It’s been short, but ever so sweet here at the tip of Florida, where US 1 meets the ocean.

I’ve had the great pleasure of couchsurfing with my new friend William here in Key West. When I arrived on Sunday night, he was putting the finishing touches on his latest creation. See if you don’t agree that it’s the coolest piece of art you’ve seen today …

William is a mean cook too – serving up a fine brunch of eggs and sausage for us today, before I headed out for a final day in Key West, first to the beach and a dip in the ocean and thena stroll downtown that took me by Ernest Hemingway’s home and a stop on Duval Street for some homemade ice cream (my favorite – black cherry) and around the corner for an evening coffee – Cuban coffee con lache, which is as good as it comes.

And that’s all she wrote for Key West. Next stop: Dublin, Ireland.

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