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washington – part 4

A few quiet days in Birch Bay were all we needed – Bridget to finally get out from under the weather, and while she did that, I got to spend some quality time with Ron and Linda and Agnes and Chris – enjoying good food and drink (wine, wine and more wine, delicious donated salmon, and papples – the latest in fine fruits, being a cross between pears and apple), but more than that – time spent with friends is good for the soul – all the laughter over stories shared. The best things in life do come for free. Continue reading

washington – part 1

We wave goodbye to the Miniatos in Tsawwassen and drive to the Canada/US border, about a 40-minute drive. We pass by White Rock, where we had lunch on August 31 with Hilda. From our vantage point on the shore, Hilda pointed out Blaine, Washington, to me just across the water. That is our destination tonight: Blaine. Actually, Birch Bay, an outpost of Blaine. Continue reading