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ecuador – part 2 – the coast


We’ve carved out one week to see the coast of Ecuador – nowhere near enough time to see it all – all 1,465 miles of it. So we have to pick and choose. There’s not an awful lot to read, at least in English, about Ecuador, in terms of travel and tourism, and what there is to read leaves you wondering if what you’re reading is a hard sell or a really hard sell. In the end, choosing where to stay on the coast was a crap shoot.  There were a handful of towns whose names kept coming up – and there was one that sounded like a perfect combination – a quiet town (compared to others along the coast that are described as “party towns”), all the modern amenities, including good Internet, it’s right on the ocean, and it would be 81 degrees when we got there, according to weather.com. It’s Bahía de Caráquez, on the central coast, an hour north of Manta, where the flight from Quito is  taking us. Continue reading