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trains, planes and automobiles

I made it! Sitting by the dock of the bay in San Francisco. There have been times in the past two and a half months that I wondered if I would.

Since leaving Ecuador on March 10, it’s like my feet have never left the ground. It’s been a real whirlwind, so let me fill you in, in the sketchiest of details, on what I’ve been up to. Continue reading

the midwest – it’s a long road daddio

There are probably 101 times 10 ways to drive through America’s Midwest. Mention it to anybody who’s crossed the Midwest by car and the response is always the same: it’s the absolutely dead-last worst drive in the entire country … nothing except straight, flat road that goes on forever. Apparently it doesn’t much matter which road you’re on – one’s as brutally dull as the next. Here’s how we did it … Continue reading