cliffs of moher

Mid-day Friday, just as the sun was coming out, we packed up our bags, leaving Galway for parts south through co. Clare. First stop Coole Park, the home of Lady Gregory, for a stroll through the walled park on the estate. Beautiful park-like property, with walking paths through the woods, open green fields, and I think that was a little lake I saw just over the rise, but no time to explore – just time for a few pix of the autograph tree, a promise to return, and then off to the Cliffs of Moher while the sun shone.

That entailed a drive through the countryside on those wee country roads that wind, and wind, and wind some more, with sharp curves and some steep climbs toward the end as we approached the summit. We were blessed to have the sun with us this afternoon – it wasn’t quite sunset when we arrived, but close to it. Bridget captured the beauty of the cliffs; for some astounding views, check out her blog post. Here are a few of mine…

It was breathtaking. Wish you were here!

As the sun was setting, we hopped in the car, heading south to Ennis for dinner at YOLO (You Only Live Once) and then on to Scariff for the night with a fellow couchsurfer. A night of music and learning and love that I will not soon forget. More to come next time!

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