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victoria, british columbia

One week left in British Columbia and we’re spending it on Vancouver Island. Any way you look at it, one week is not nearly enough time to get it done. The best we can do, then, is tackle the southern half of the island – and even then, much of it will be impressions on the fly – and leave the northern half till another visit. Continue reading

vancouver, british columbia

Thirty-odd years is a long time between visits, and a lot has changed in the interim. Vancouver has gone huge on me. Somewhere in there, Vancouver became every investor’s dream, and along with all the capital came a whole lot of people. How it’s played out, at least in part, is property values have soared, there doesn’t seem to be a square inch of available space, and it looks and feels like a real estate bubble just waiting to burst. We’ll have to see how that pans out, but in the meantime, as a visitor, all I have to do is enjoy it while I’m here. And so I do. Continue reading

family fun

In the weeks before we headed out on this road trip of ours, Bridget and I pored over the map of North America, looking at all the places we could go. Very few of those places had a date stamp on them. In fact, just three – New Orleans for Mardi Gras; Austin, Texas, for SXSW; and Golden, British Columbia, for my niece’s wedding on August 25. Continue reading

beautiful british columbia

Whoever came up with British Columbia’s provincial motto got it absolutely right. Like the license plate says: “Beautiful British Columbia.” Bridget and I are going to tackle the province in two slices, interrupted by a trip in the middle that will take us to western Alberta to visit family and other fun stuff. We’ve carved out a week for our first B.C. slice, which begins in the town of Nelson, in the West Kootenay Rockies. Continue reading