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the road home – on the road to boulder

I have to admit, a bit of a pall came over Bridget and me as we strolled through the Mission District to get to our car and point ‘er east. It felt like we had come to the end of the road, the road that for the past 10 months had taken us all over Ireland, America and Canada, ending here in San Francisco. Continue reading

leaving las vegas

May 4 – It’s another road day. A day when our only goal is to cover as many miles of America as we can on our way to where we want to go: Denver, Colorado. Twelve hours in the car, and we’re hoping to get seven or eight of them done today, minimum six, which would put us in Green River, Utah, for the night. First stop is Jiffy Lube out on East Sahara Avenue – Dexy needs an oil change Continue reading