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new hampshire

Home in lovely New Hampshire! We’ve got about five weeks at home to get whatever needs doing done before we head out on the road again. A lot of that doing is in the chore category – it comes with the territory. If you go on vacation for five months, you’ve got a five-month stack of life you’ve left behind that needs tending to. Continue reading

Masscann freedom rally – Boston – 2009 edition


Hard to believe – 20 years Masscann has been hosting this rally on Boston Common. I’ve been to a couple of them over the years, but it’s been a long few since the last time. This was a good year to get down to the Common, for a number of reasons, among them that this was a milestone year for pro-potters — the Massachusetts legislature, for all its warts, did good on January 2, when it changed the possession laws in the state. It’s no longer a crime to be in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. It’s a civil offense, mind you, but decriminalization is a good thing. Continue reading